Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Last cry of Dhlakama

As it had done at the end of a meeting with the President, Philip Nyusi, where it was agreed that Renamo should submit to parliament a draft-in-law, the Renamo president Afonso Dhlakama again warn that if the Frelimo parliamentary group in the National Assembly disapprove the project-in-law of the provincial authorities, will use force to take the six provinces where it won the elections. Dhlakama spoke last Sunday in a meeting with university teachers in Tete province, and which aimed to explain the project. "I am praying that the Frelimo 'chumbem' the project Renamo. I'll take it, will see. What does it cost, put me in my vehicle with three commands and all this crowd who attended the rally, driving me to the governor's palace shouting 'Get out, get out, get out' without violence? "Said Dhlakama, responding to question by Faustino Gani-Gani, university lecturer, who wanted to know which Renamo position will be, if the National Assembly disapprove the project.Some people raise the issue that, even if the National Assembly approves the project, this should not affect this term because, they say, the elections on 15 October last year were not to elect provincial authorities. Dhlakama said that the project is a compromise found to overcome the post-election crisis. "As the elections were one puppetry, presented the idea of ​​the provincial authorities, which we placed in the National Assembly."The Renamo president admitted he is aware that your project may be disapproved by the majority bench in Parliament, but ensures that it will not give up the idea of ​​provincial authorities. "Frelimo fears will disappear forever. But will leave the good or bad. No more communists. Are governing without edicts and without legitimacy, "he said.
Resultado de imagem para Jaime MacuaneThe lawyer and commentator Jaime Macuane recognizes some effort to align the proposal to the constitutional framework, but raises questions about the constitutionality of it, having regard to Article 141 of the Constitution, which defines the government provincial.O point is that the provincial council proposed by the Renamo will be, in real terms, the provincial government. "As the definition of what the provincial government made under the Constitution, here remains to ask what is the extent of it in terms of compliance of the proposal with the Constitution" asked Macuane in Viewpoints program Stv. To Macuane, the draft provincial authorities does not solve the underlying problem that raised the claim of Renamo, including the operation of electoral institutions.

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