Monday, March 2, 2015

NATIONAL UNITY called into question

"IF the project (the creation of autonomous regions) is not approved in Parliament, who will have problems is my brother, President Nyusi that will not get govern, because the crowds who saw in my rallies will do demonstrations," in Afonso Dhlakama moments after the last meeting with the President, Filipe Jacinto Nyusi."If Frelimo (MPs) have not approved our project of creation of the autonomous regions, there remains in nothing but expel the police, prosecutors, military and we appoint the prime minister to those regions", in Antonio Muchanga on TV Miramar.Two speeches, one of the "father" of democracy and other "brother" of democracy in Mozambique. Are statements that leave no room for doubt as to the concept of democracy to these figures. Speeches that are no more than the manifestation of the desire for access to power at any price. We are therefore before the reissue of incongruous speeches and arson of two of the main "parladores" of renamistas hosts. We are once more before two political speeches extortion professionals.The speeches of these two figures seem to indicate that the mentors of the project on such famous of "autonomous regions" - which is already famous before even exist, they know they will be chumbando. And in an attempt to avoid such a lead, unfold in pronouncements that are actually pointed knives to throats of the deputies of the majority bench.Many have said (me included) that victory in general elections is a national. There is local. Not district. Is not provincial. Many have said that this is because our electoral system defined it. This is so because our parent law, the Constitution, the states. I understand that there is willingness to change. It is a right for anyone. However, such a change may not result especially of an electoral process just performed.Societies evolve as a natural result of the claims of its people. Not necessarily because this or that other won or lost an election. By this I mean that a proposal of the type that Renamo want to display may come from the Government of the day, political parties, civil society and / or other actors that represent a considerable part of the population of Mozambique and can be presented in situations "normal". In moments that have not been born immediately after political crises an electoral process.I would like to draw attention to whom I "read" to the following: if the election results compulsarmos find situations where Frelimo won in the district "y" and the district "z", the province "wins" by Renamo. Will, following the logic renamista Frelimo should propose the creation of "their autonomous region" within the "autonomous region" Renamo. Another hypothetical example: imagine that the MDM won, in total, the province of Inhambane, but Frelimo won in four districts (in overall terms). As we were following the logic of Renamo?

One of the major battles of Frelimo, first as a guerrilla movement and then as a political party, after the proclamation of national independence, was the promotion and defense of national unity. A vital vision for the country defined and defended in order to counter the colonizer's strategy, which was to divide and rule. Who does not remember the philosophy (of the colonizer), who made history that, for example, matswas were considered inferior to vatsongas, the sixes were considered inferior to ndaus, the varongas were considered superior compared to vatchangas, the Makonde were considered inferior to emakwas, etc. Mozambique, with a single country with various ethnic groups, one can not "afford" to create conditions for that among these ethnic groups there are the upper and the lower.Although we do not know the essence of the project of the famous "autonomous regions" Renamo, I'm afraid its creation, in fact the division of the country, will promote the resurgence of tribalism. Moreover, the promotion of tribalism was dominant note during the last election campaign, with the protagonists Renamo parties and the MDGs.(Marcelinosilva in facebbok)

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