Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The understandable fears of a political

The outcome of the conclave Frelimo which starts tomorrow (26) in Matola largely depends on the courage of Armando Guebuza in shaking their fears and face reality as a private citizen. An expected outcome eh he let the leadership of Frelimo, ending the current double-headed governance that has delayed the full start of the consulate of Philip Nyusi. My sources in Frelimo say, every day that passes, Guebuza is seen isolated and begins to realize that is unable to insist on leading the party against the current. There is therefore a high probability that he accept an invitation to leave voluntarily, as did Chissano. And Guebuza will enjoy, tell me this opportunity to come out in big and not through the back door, as if he would insist on doing finca-foot.
Resultado de imagem para fugindoBut Guebuza this dying of fear. Are fears that it will have to manage. Being the head of the party, the management of these fears is easier for the protection enjoyed by those who have this position. But out of it, it gets more black. Or as gray. Many in the party, and outside, are expect it to unprotect that place to "adjust the accounts." I do not know what that means but the fact that in every corner eh anti-guebuzistas wring their hands. They are waiting for that resounding moment. "Guebuza damaged many"; say he was the type of not only away estranged allies but also throw them to the bottom so that they no longer rose up, not even the horse's fable of the spirit.Essentially, fears have common pattern: conflicts in business and an apparent illicit enrichment using the public good. Therefore, the fear of retaliation and a prosecution. But this last hypothesis, it seems even remotely at the national level. Beatriz Buchile and Américo Muchanga it is to protect it. For now, the thing is just gray.(Marcelo Mosse In facebbok)

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