Tuesday, March 10, 2015

More must be done to keep the peace

President of the Republic, Philip Nyusi recommended yesterday in Maputo, the need to develop more efforts for the maintenance of peace, one of the conditions for the development of the country.Philip Nyusi, who was speaking at a meeting with representatives of the group March 8, said that he and his government have been working to keep the peace, electing dialogue as the ultimate weapon to harmony in Mozambique."But I always feel that something has to be done to that Mozambicans have peace and feel they live in a nation where they can sleep and wake up free from any threat," recalling that during the election campaign considered peace as first, second and third priority.The Head of State, in addition to congratulate the group by passing this date, requested contributions to the solution of various problems still plaguing the country, among which threatened peace and poverty.
Resultado de imagem para filipe nyusiThe Head of State said there is no doubt that with peace, Mozambique fortify increasingly unity, harmony and solidarity.The other issue appointed by the President has to do with the natural problem of development. "Our main problem the food, and then the education, health, roads, water, energy, problems that exist in most of the country, coupled with the lack of jobs."In turn, the President of the Association March 8, Flávio Menete recalled that soon after national independence the country was faced with the mass exodus of Portuguese technicians who left Mozambique, leaving schools without teachers, doctors or nurses, public administration in general no staff qualified to ensure the normal functioning of institutions.According Menete, this action confirmed that Mozambicans had been excluded over the centuries, the development of their own country process, give the government found no choice but to rely on their own strength in itself grown in Liberation Struggle National, using young people to prevent the collapse of the country.Flavio Menete recalled that emerged was how the young generation that marked the March 8, consisting of young people who agreed to sacrifice their dreams in pursuit of the aims of the country.

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