Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Moçambola Is Not At Risk

The Licensing of current clubs in the country, according to the new dictates of FIFA and CAF, is proceeding at an unsatisfactory pace, counting only two institutions have so far, and the remaining are already on the way.This is the Railway of Beira and Maputo Sports League, clubs did in January, this due to their participation in African competitions in which it is forbidden to take part without being licensed.The remaining clubs have the documentation for licensing in motion, but the pace is very slow. This scenario made him aventasse the hypothesis offenders not participate in the Moçambola, an issue that the Mozambican Football Federation (FMF) rebate and clarifies below."Clubs can play Moçambola without being licensed, because this is a process. First must apply for the license to the FMF to the effect that leads to an Independent Commission to give an opinion, select the category and condition in which the club must license, "explains Philip Johane, secretary general of the FMF.According Johane, after graduating, depending on each case, the club can be considered category A, B or C. The first category is the highest, which enables you to participate in all competitions, both national and international. Category B is the intermediate and C is the lowest, which is limited to domestic competitions."This is only possible after a thorough analysis of the documents submitted by the FMF clubs, their conditions, infrastructure and internal and financial organization."
For the licensing of the clubs there are certain criteria to be observed, and in particular sports, infrastructure, administrative and personnel, legal and financial.The sporting criterion recommends among other issues, development programs for youth, development objectives and philosophy of these levels, organization, personnel (technical, medical and administrative) and qualitative minimum requirements, availability of infrastructure for training and competition, financial resources (budget, contributions from applicants for licenses, players or local community).
Resultado de imagem para campo ferroviario beiraThe second criterion is the infrastructure. Clubs should have stadiums or fields for the effectiveness of their games and they should contain requirements such as security and an evacuation plan; the minimum capacity of five thousand spectators, to be determined according to the average demand of tickets sold during the national championship. The ground must be owned by the applicant or, alternatively, the applicant must have a written contract with the owner of the stadium or with owners of different stadiums to be used within the FMF member provincial association. Deveser presented the copy of the land registration certificate or copy of lease;
Resultado de imagem para campo costa do solThe stadium must have adequate facilities for the mass media and bathrooms for both sexes.
The administrative discretion and staff recommends that the club must have a space or office for the operation of its administration, with telephone, fax and Internet access and email. Shall appoint a member with knowledge of secretarial according to your need to do your daily work, yet ensuring that your office is open to the public.
Have at its staff, employees to perform the following administrative functions: Director-General, responsible for the daily operation (operating matters). Official finance which can be someone who works at the club or an external partner mandated by the community through a written contract, among others.
Resultado de imagem para campo costa do solIn the legal field the applicant shall recognize as legal statutes, regulations and decisions of FIFA, CAF, FMF and LMF; the exclusive jurisdiction of TAS (Court of Arbitration for Sport in Lausanne) for any dispute with an international dimension and in particular involving FIFA and CAF and or observe the prohibition to use an ordinary court on the statutes of FIFA, CAF, and FMF LMF;
At the national level will play in competitions that are recognized and approved (National Championship and Cup of Mozambique).The continental level will play in official competitions that are recognized by the CAF.
Observe the provisions and conditions of the national legislation.

On the financial front, the club is required, regardless of its legal structure, present the annual financial statement, consisting of profits and losses, documented based on national and prepared by qualified persons legislation.The applicant for the license must prove, by submitting a declaration or discharge certificates, which has no debts to football clubs arising from transfer activities by 31 December of the year preceding the season to be licensed, unless present agreement the creditor club.Should not be indebted to workers, social security and tax authorities by 31 December of the year preceding the season to be licensed, unless present according to their employees and / or public authorities.

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