Thursday, September 24, 2015

'A Billion Tourists, A Billion Opportunities’

Resultado de imagem para turismo moçambiqueTourism Week kicks off today in Maputo and promises a plethora of activities including lectures, dancing, physical displays, exhibitions and visits to historical sites.This year’s theme is ‘A Billion Tourists, A Billion Opportunities’, which, according to National Deputy Director of Tourism, Dina Ribeiro, aims to awaken communities and other stakeholders to the many income generation opportunities the sector provides.The main Tourism Week celebrations will take place in Maputo, but parallel activities are scheduled in other provinces. The celebrations include a roadmap of Maputo city’s legendary Mafalala neighbourhood, in the hope of promoting it as a tourist destination."We want the city of Maputo to be a tourist destination, and Mafalala to be thought of as an attraction for both domestic and international tourists," said Ribeiro.The Tourism Week launch ceremony will be held in Mafalala and led by Minister of Culture and Tourism, Silva Dunduro.Day Two activities include lectures in the Noroeste 1 and Josina Machel secondary schools, as well as a tour of central Maputo. Day Three lectures will take place in Lhanguene and Francisco Manyanga secondary schools, with Day Four moving to Eduardo Mondlane and Laulane schools, with a sightseeing tour of Mafalala scheduled for Primary School Unidade 23.
On September 27, a crafts, food and flowers fair is planned in Maputo, with an opening ceremony directed by Prime Minister Carlos Agostinho do Rosário.Mozambique’s Tourism Week culminates with World Tourism Day on September 27, a celebration instituted by the World Tourism Organization in 1979. Mozambique saw a reduction in tourist numbers in 2014, according to the national Deputy Director of Tourism. External factors such as the global economic crisis, along with the current domestic political and military unrest, are thought to be behind the decline.

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