Thursday, September 24, 2015

Renamo informs Mozambican president

Renamo leader Afonso Dhlakama says that, despite the recent attempt on his life, he will not abandon his search for peace, democracy and development in Mozambique, and has therefore decided to accept the invitation to talks with the Mozambican head of state. The head of the largest opposition party in the country said at a press conference in Manica province, central Mozambique, that he had already verbally sent the agenda points he wished to discuss with the president.He added that these topics were conveyed to the president by former head of state Joaquim Chissano, who he talked to at the celebrations of the 20th anniversary of the Catholic University of Mozambique in Beira last week."I told Chissano to tell the president I am willing to talk as long as there is a concrete agenda that creates governmental rotation in the country, and not just to shake his hand for him to convince the international community that there is stability in the country, when in reality there isn’t. But the thing is evolving quite a lot and I believe that soon we can announce something," Dhlakama said.The announcement of the meeting between President Nyusi and the Renamo leader occurs at a time when clashes between the main opposition party and government forces were being reported.Speaking to DW Africa, Frelimo spokesman and provincial head of Mobilization and Propaganda in Manica, António Mainato, said that, given that the peace is not personal but belongs to 24 million Mozambicans, the dialogue between the two parties should not be imposed."Renamo needs to show it is committed to peace in the country, putting concrete actions into practice," concluded Mainato.At his recent rallies, the Renamo leader gave positive assessments of his party’s political activities, wiche have as their main focus the announcement of new governments in the provinces where it considers itself to have had a majority in the last multi-party elections.Dhlakama and Nyusi met twice in early 2015 to discuss the political crisis in Mozambique emerging from Renamo’s refusal to recognize the results of the October 2014 general election. Since then, Dhlakama has demanded governance in the provinces where he says Renamo won the elections, threatening otherwise to seize power there by force.

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