Thursday, September 3, 2015


Reporting live from the courtroom of the Guebuza libel trail, ‘Canalmoz’ reports that, called by the judge to explain the reasons that led him to write the letter / post (against former president Armando Guebuza), economist Carlos Castelo Branco "became emotional (cried) to tell his story with Guebuza in the former Popular Liberation Forces of Mozambique (FPLM), which he (Castelo Branco) joined aged only 17".  Acording to what Adrien Barber (a French journalist / correspondent based in Maputo) tweets, Castelo would become emotional when he said, that after sharing a "confidence and an identification of ideas with Guebuza during the 1980's he had "violated the ideals of the national liberation struggle.". Castelo Branco would have told the court: I have kept my ideals, he hasn't".
clubofmozambiqueAccording the the report Castelo Branco told the court this morning that he wrote the speeches of Armando Guebuza who was a Commissioner at the time. "I have written speeches for the (former) President of the Republic, I met him in 1977 and he trusted me," Castelo Branco told the court cited by Dércio Tsandzana, a contributor to Global Voices.  Canalmoz reports that Castelo Branco gave the court a long list of businesses conducted by Armando Guebuza and family, having advised the public prosecutor to investigate them, namely the business of the Tata buses with the TPM, the business of the digital migration and StarTimes, and the Pemba Logistics Base business are among those suggested by Castelo Branco for an investigation by the Public Attorney.  Meanwhile, Abdul Carimo Issa has been heard as a witness. Former head of Mozambique's Technical Team for the Legal Reform, former judge, former Prosecutor and former Frelimo parliament member, he told the court that he saw no intention of harming the honour and dignity of former president Guebuza, on the opposite, Abdul Carimo considers the open letter as a critical contribution for the moment the country was going through. (In the open letter) "I saw the disheartedness of someone who thinks that we can do better but are not," he said. This morning the court also heard co-accused of Freedom of Press Abuse journalist Fernando Mbanze, director of Media Fax who told the court that he published Castelo Branco's letter because it talked about themes of national interest such as poverty, war, kidnappings and corruption. João Carrilho and Teresinha da Silva will also heard as witnesses for the case today, called by Castelo Branco's defence lawyer João Trindade.

Photo: Facebook / Carlos Castelo Branco and Fernando Mbanze listening to the Public Attorney's accusation earlier this morning in court, in Maputo

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