Tuesday, September 15, 2015


1. After many years, finally the truth came to the fore as the people say that the lie has short legs. The Mozambican people learned that after Mr. Dhlakama is not and has never been Father of democracy; after all it is a trickster any, and as recently at a press conference he himself confirmed by saying, "if I die can come another rogue worse than Dhlakama."
2. Will there be any doubt that the simulated attack, in Manica, is really the work of a rogue like you Dhlakama?
3. The FRELIMO strongly condemns and repudiates the attitude of Mr. Dhlakama, Renamo President, and distance themselves from defamatory accusations to our party of orchestrating his murder or any attack on their physical integrity;
4. Let it be clear, once and for all, for Mr Dhlakama, that FRELIMO is not a rogues party; FRELIMO is not criminal organization as that organization led by a trickster, committed several crimes for 16 years of destabilization of our country to war;
5. The FRELIMO is the party of the people for the people who since 1962 has been working for the welfare of Mozambicans.
6. Since Comrade President FILIPE JACINTO Nyusi was invested for the post of President of the Republic of Mozambique, has been to focus on exhortation to us all Mozambicans to the consolidation of national unity, the maintenance of peace, tolerance and harmony; our President has always been and continues to be available to dialogue with all the forces of society to gather together these opinions, criticism and teachings for achieving real peace in our country;
7. One of the first actions of Comrade President FILIPE JACINTO Nyusi, as the Highest Magistrate of the Nation was to meet the President of Renamo, to reflect on the best ways to stability and effective peace in our country;
8. Recently, Comrade President FILIPE JACINTO Nyusi issued another invitation to Mr. Dhlakama, whose central agenda item peace; but against the expectation of all Mozambicans the invitation was refused;
9. The refusal at the invitation of Comrade President, in our view demonstrates unwillingness to discuss and find solutions to the problems of the Mozambican people;
10. The refusal of dialogue now perceives and is justified when Mr. Dhlakama simulates an attack that never happened and first precipitously blames the IDF and security of our country, and then assign blame to FRELIMO;
11. The refusal to dialogue is now cemented by these delaying tactics of attack simulation that for FRELIMO and the Mozambican people, serve as a pretext for Mr Dhlakama start ever wanted to do, the only thing you can do well: war with all the consequences it brings, the death and destruction of people and goods;
12. The refusal of Mr. Dhlakama in dialogue, in demilitarize his men, is a clear demonstration that he was never interested in peace and in no time, think of the Mozambican people's welfare;
13. The master of intimidation Dhlakama speeches around the country, are examples of this eternal militarism and bet on the road to war to resolve whatever it is, putting the people and the economy hostage of his desire to destabilize our country.
14. The insistence of Mr. Dhlakama to keep their gunmen against the appeals of all living forces of society (and in clear contradiction with public discourses that noises in the press and other public places) to be integrated into the police and in the military shows that Renamo commitment to the war trump card you want to use it at any time;
15. Mr. Dhlakama during all this time was the pretext of waiting to return to war and how that excuse never comes (even with provocative acts the authorities) is now himself who invented the pretext with the simulation of an attack ;
16. Mozambicans know that before Mr. Dhlakama dispense the agents of the Police of the Republic of Mozambique, they accompanied him everywhere ensuring their safety and physical integrity. It makes sense that the same police who protected and protects you as a citizen, is today accused of the ambush;
17. Mr. Dhlakama do not need all this theater to bring out its bellicose posture. It is intrinsic to him and the people of Mozambique knows the only thing he can do is war is the destruction of property and death of citizens.
18. FRELIMO reiterates its appeal to the good sense to Mr. Dhlakama to stop being rascal, as he said and participate actively in building actions of peace, consolidation of national unity and development of our country, for the welfare of all Mozambicans, from Rovuma to Maputo, from Zumbo to the Indian.
50 years
States in the Fight Against Poverty
Maputo, September 14, 2015

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