Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Democracy is a fact that must be reset

The Catholic University of Mozambique (UCM) joined yesterday (14) several national and foreign personalities, an event framed in the celebrations of its 20 years of existência.Tomaram part in the action figures like the former head of state Joaquim Chissano, the leader of Renamo Afonso Dhlakama, the governor of Sofala, Helena Taipo, the former Archbishop of Beira and mediator of the Rome agreements, D. Jaime Gonçalves, the current head of the Catholic Church in Beira, D.Cláudio, and the president of the Municipal Council of Beira , who is also chairman of the Democratic Movement of Mozambique (MDM), Simango, and also the former president of the National Electoral Commission, Brazão Mazula. There followed after the speeches, the first of which was the D. Jaime Gonçalves who has a history of the rise of the Catholic University of Mozambique. It fell after the turn to the former head of state Joaquim Chissano, who spoke on "The legalization of Catholic University (which stimulated the Mozambican government to legalize UCM). Chissano also spoke of the democratic process in the country, stressing that democracy in Mozambique was a fact, although it is not a "fact ready-to-wear" therefore, always has evolved. "We have to root especially the tools for building this democracy. Therefore, it is required that all be together, united and discuss ideas without impositions that may endure in our democratic process. "
However, the margins of his speech, the former President of the Republic granted a brief interview to journalists in which it was put to him the question of whether he would talk to Afonso Dhlakama to persuade him, given that Renamo leader recently refused a meeting with President Filipe Nyusi. "Do not be left me nothing to tell him, because I have told you several times that my opinion is that it should meet with the head of state to talk. To discuss precisely those points that seem impossible, inconvenient, because only finding is that they can falar.No case, did not the first time, can give the second, and this also fails the third can be. In fact, the talks in Rome, he (Dhlakama) knows well, their slogan to value what unites and minimize what divides us. Therefore, there must be one or the other that will seem into account with our unit. There are insights which only later did it come to the conclusion that after all there are no problems where there seemed to be problems. This happened during the talks. So it does not cost me anything to talk to him. "
You will talk to him here? - Questioned the journalists, it Chissano replied: "I would not mind. I did not come with any mandate to do so but, as we are here in an open space, as I am talking to you if there is space we talk and the conversation will tell which is the path that we will follow. "
About the message left to Mozambicans at this time, the former President of the Republic reaffirmed that always said, "Continue to do what we are doing. All be united in one word - peace. We want peace, we are for dialogue. We should all be that until the parties (government and Renamo) have dialogue. This dialogue should cover us all. We are building democracy and that democracy can take years, but every year we improve something ".A a question about what he thought of the participation of Afonso Dhlakama this event, Joaquim Chissano said that the presence of the leader of Renamo as a meeting This was not new at UCM, for the inauguration was also. "It is a living force in society, so his movement, and he himself, have to take into consideration. It came precisely to live this exchange of ideas and we hear him speak at this meeting. "

Yesterday's event was also an opportunity for a meeting between Dhlakama and Simango which, as we know, the latter was a member of Renamo of up to when it fell out, then having Simango founded MDM.

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