Tuesday, September 15, 2015

First national operator with problems

mcel_verão-amarelo_mamana.jpgMcel workers assigned to the Line Department are in Greve in terms of Maputo, the same claim adjusting the low wages they receive.Of Mozambique Mobile workers costumed up from black to claim the low wages they receive compared to the actual value that this company disburses the KPMG company that manages these workers.According advanced the site Maputo Sheet, workers receive only 25 percent of the total amount and the remaining 75 are commission of "outsourcing" for KPMG, making life difficult for those who really give liter for the company to have better relationships with their customers."What this law that the company subcontracted by mcel to manage Customer care workers gets 75 percent commission?" Asked one of the workers cited by the Maputo sheet."We are asking for support. These are people who walk to sink large companies. The basic worker ends up winning misery. We ask for support of labor minister, "he affirmed.

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