Thursday, September 24, 2015

Frelimo First Secretary Evade Kidnapping on Dhlakama's Orders

The leader of Renamo, Afonso Dhalkamma has ordered Thursday the abduction of the State Administrator of Tambara, as well as that of the head of police operations and the Frelimo First Secretary there, reads a report published in Rádio Moçambique today, adding that the fact was confirmed by the administrator himself.The administrator Mauricio Macharubo evaded the attempted kidnapping by fleeing his usual workplace after being warned by the population – as did the head of operations at the district police headquarters."The group sent to capture the administrator and the chief of operations came down to the command while another group went to the administrator’s office. There, they found my assistant and asked: Where is the administrator? My colleague responded: The administrator is doing his program, outside the village. Then they left, and went to the (Frelimo party) Secretariat in search of the First Secretary, always asking the same question: Where is your administrator? I had instructed the members of the district government to leave the offices and that no one should go to the house," the Tambara administrator pointed out, sketching "the contours of the order to abduct him, as well as the head of police operations and the Frelimo First Secretary, an order issued by the Renamo leader, in that district. (RM Manica)".

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