Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Chissano,who called Dhlakama as" a necessary momentum. "

Resultado de imagem para joaquim chissanoThe former head of State of Mozambique Joaquim Chissano proved yesterday available to mediate a meeting between the President and the leader of Renamo, calling on political leaders to learn to manage conflict. Pointing out that has no mandate to negotiate with Dhlakama, Chissano showed however that it is ready to contribute to achieving a meeting between the head of state, Filipe Nyusi, and the leader of Renamo (Mozambique National Resistance), Afonso Dhlakama, and considers it important to overcome the current political crisis in Mozambique.
Joaquim and Chissano, who signed in 1992 in Rome, the Comprehensive Peace Agreement that ended 16 years of civil war, were now together in Beira an allusive conference at twenty of the Catholic University of Mozambique, as is the It happened in the founding of the institution.
"They [Nyusi and Dhlakama] should meet to discuss those things that seem impossible, even those that seem inconvenient. Just meeting can talk. And if it does not at first may be the second, how often necessary to meet a sense and an approach ", called Joaquim Chissano, who called Afonso Dhlakama as" a necessary momentum. The Mozambican former president argued that in addition to talks between the parties, "the dialogue go-expanding and encompassing all the people," adding that the building of democracy "can not be done by one entity" and can lead decades. "The government has to seek a compromise, to find solutions in this conflict of ideas with the party Renamo," noted the former statesman, warning that the conflict should not cause fears. "I learned that we should not be afraid of conflict, we must have courage is to manage, and manage an effective way to transform the conflict into a good thing and always like this," he said. In the presence of Afonso Dhlakama, Chissano argued that conflicts are even beneficial, being a development dynamo, but considered it necessary to manage them effectively, with the formula "conflict solution, conflict-solution." "The most important in a democracy is not the multiparty system is the creation of the trust that binds us so we can talk, in order to diverge, creating contradiction and solve the contradiction, to another contradiction coming up with new quality," said Joaquim Chissano, who asked politicians to undress fears and fears. Chissano said that the country is losing its democratic principles and acknowledged that a country is built with some errors, deploring armed solutions and adding that the current political instability does not come from failures of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement.
"The talks in Rome had as its motto to value what unites and minimize what divides us. So there ever be one thing and one thing that tends to our unit. There are assessments which only later we may find that after all not there were problems, there seemed to be problems, but there is "sustained. He warned, however, that democracy in Mozambique is not a "fact ready-to-wear", admitting that saw developments but also the need to root the instruments for their application. At the conference, the governor of Sofala, in violation of the protocol, was asking Afonso Dhlakama, with a widely applauded handshake, the meeting with Mozambican President Filipe Nyusi, In response Afonso Dhlakama, said that want concrete negotiations. "I pressed my hands to [Joaquim] Chissano and [Armando] Guebuza until the [Philip] Nyusi. But I need to clear negotiations and not farces". Mozambique live moments of political uncertainty, with Renamo leader not to recognize the results of the last general election and require governance in the provinces where claims victory, threatened to seize power by force.

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