Sunday, September 27, 2015

Dhlakama survives two attacks

The leader of Renamo, the main opposition party in Mozambique, Afonso Dhlakama, said he escaped yesterday (26) and the second time, unharmed a new attack in Manica province. This is the second attack taking place in central Mozambique in just two weeks.The attack took place late this morning on Highway which connects in Chimoio and Beira in the Gondola district, when the party Renamo continued to Nampula, described the president of the largest opposition party.Afonso Dhlakama said that three guards were injured Renamo, but after the reporting of the journalist the Portuguese news agency Lusa, who traveled to the site, the attack will have made at least nine deaths, including two men in uniforms Renamo.This attack comes at a time that are still ongoing investigations the attack last September 12 on which, yesterday, the defense minister, Salvador Mtumuke, spoke denying any involvement of the Mozambican army in the attack.
The spokesman for Renamo, Antonio Muchanga, describes what happened "to my knowledge through an anonymous source saying that President Dhlakama had just been attacked in Gondola district as he left Manica towards Beira, on National Road 4 . The source could not say anything. I tried to call my colleagues who walk with the President and there was confirmation that, indeed, there was an attack. "
"There are injured but do not know estimate in what circumstances people were injured because there was also persecution. I have information that the leader has not been achieved and is physically well but morally uncomfortable. The conclusion we come to is that there is no peace on the agenda of Mr. Filipe Jacinto Nyusi. "said a spokesman for Renamo.
População incendeia viaturas de DhlakamaBut the spokesman of Frelimo, Damian Joseph, denies that the attack was perpetrated by the army and back to talking about simulation as during the September 12 attack; "the truth is that was passing the entourage of Mr. Dhlakama. When they pass some vehicles this entourage arrived others of the same delegation that stopped if they put him in the bush and started shooting. That is the information we're getting from witnesses on site. "The attack took place late this morning, Friday 25th September, describes the spokesman Frelimo, in power, "the next area of ​​the city of Chimoio. The be some attack would be unthinkable star in an attack, an attack Mr. Dhlakama in an area like that. ""It seems, until proven otherwise, which is more an act of Renamo with the same intention last time We need to have a few more elements;. Is that at that time became a bus carrying some people and probably could have been some victims "also said Damian Joseph.

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