Thursday, September 24, 2015

Indian businessman murdered in Chimoio

clubofmozambiqueAn Indian businessman was murdered in Chimoio on September 18, Manica central province, with police shooting dead one of the alleged assailants and arresting a guard at the victim’s residence.According to the Police of the Republic of Mozambique in Manica, four unidentified individuals had broken into the residence of the businessman, killed him and stolen his belongings when the police happened upon them attempting another burglary. "We came across the individuals attempting another robbery in the Cinco neighbourhood in the early hours of Thursday September 18. Noticing our presence, they tried to make off with the stolen goods. When the police gave chase, they fired shots and the police responded, killing of one of the criminals," the PRM spokesman in Manica related.Police detained a young man who worked as a guard at the victim’s residence for questioning in relation to the incident, but TV Miramar quoted him as denying having anything to do with the case, and saying that at the time of the assault, he was absent from the residence at his employer’s request.Manica police are still searching for the three criminals still at large, claiming that they would be captured very soon and held accountable for the crime they committed. 

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