Monday, April 13, 2015

2 Mozambicans dead in South Africa

Resultado de imagem para xenofobia africa do sulTwo Mozambicans were killed in acts of xenophobia near the city of Durban, South Africa. A source from the Mozambican Consulate in Pretoria confirmed, this Thursday, the worsening situation, with attacks on foreigners and looting their shops. He said, moreover, that a group of more than five hundred foreign citizens abandoned their homes in recent days, going to stay in a reception center, with police protection. Of this group, are little more than seventy Mozambique, including women and children. According to RM, attacks and looting the shops of foreign nationals in the Kwazulu Natal province, began last week in Isibingo region, days after King Goodwill Zwelethine have said that foreigners should pack up and leave Africa South. Earlier this week, a march against xenophobia was dispersed in the city of Durban, led by foreign nationals, following new threats of attacks by taxis and unemployed young drivers. The municipal police Durban had to resort to the use of rubber bullets and tear gas, to avoid confrontation between the two groups. However, the President of the Community Justice Movement in Durban calls on all South Africans to unite against the appeal of King Zulu, for the deportation of foreign nationals. The Committee on the South African Human Rights is investigating the scope of the statements of King Goodwill Zwelethine.

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