Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Companies of public officials without access to public procurement

Renamo, the main opposition party in Mozambique, appeared today in political dialogue with the government headquarters, with a new proposal which excludes the participating private companies for leaders of public institutions in public tenders for the supply of goods and services, as way to combat favoritism and corruption.   "The companies by holders or members of public bodies or public administration managers and their family members can not participate in government tenders for supply of goods or services to the organs by themselves targeted," said the head of the delegation of Renamo, Saimone Macuiana , speaking at a press conference at the end of 102nd round of political dialogue between the government and one opposition party.   Said that "this is a question of morals and ethics. Therefore we would like to see this proposal adopted, but there is no consensus. "The Renamo proposal is part of the third point of the political dialogue agenda related to despartidarização the state apparatus.  In addition to this new proposal, Renamo had already appeared with a new clause that prevents public officials, including the president and leaders indicated by him, to engage in partisan political activities during working period in state institutions.The lack of consensus on these and other points is at the origin of the successive impasses that have come to characterize the political dialogue. In fact, today held the 102nd session, the similarity of the above, was also marked by another impasse.
These impasses are already creating some discomfort within the team of mediators that today, for the second time, expressed frustration with the lack of progress.
Resultado de imagem para corrupçaoIn turn, the head of the government delegation and minister of agriculture and food security, José Pacheco, argued that the leaders and public officials should only be prevented from taking decisions on tenders."We explain Renamo that the public manager should rather be prevented from taking decisions on matters in which we can be in the presence of conflicts of interest," said Pacheco.The minister also deplored the fact that Renamo continue to insist on sharing the leadership of the Armed Forces of Mozambique Defense (FADM)."Once again, Renamo keeps unchanged to impose preconditions around actions that interfere with the management of our Armed Forces of Mozambique Defence when still talk about the sharing of the Armed Forces," he said.

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