Friday, April 10, 2015

More than half have only basic level

More than 26,000 of the 42,000 state employees in northern Mozambican province of Nampula have the elementary and basic school level, which might be affecting the quality of service provided to optical cidadãos.Na the governor of Nampula, Victor Borges, at a time in which the motto of Public Administration is to serve better and better citizens, it seems contradictory that the most populous province in the country, with about five million people, continue with some encouraging signs in terms of their level of training of civil servants .Falando at the end of a working visit to the Provincial Secretariat, support institution of public administration machine in Nampula, Victor Borges, according to today writes the "News", urged the direction that find exceptional channels complementing the effort of the Institute of Public Administration Training (IFAPA), the Governance Namaita Center (CEGOV), universities and secondary schools, and promote the training of more than 26 thousand employees. "In any institution the qualitative performance of the services has much to do with the level of human capital formation. I would like the Provincial Secretariat started thinking about how we can do to reverse the trend of the whole pyramid, "urged Borges.Segundo advanced data by provincial Permanent Secretary, Veronica Langa, Nampula has 41,988 employees laboralmente linked to the State, having been registered and 37 275 16,805 to receive their salaries through e-folha.A lack of telephone service providers via optical fiber in newly created Larde and Mogincual districts was appointed as the main reason for the delay of the start of the employee registration process in those regions.

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