Friday, April 24, 2015

$ 2,592,590 to sleep and eat

Resultado de imagem para assembleia da republica moçambiqueThe construction of the residence for the President of Parliament will cost 90,142,355.00 meticais (ninety million and one hundred and forty-two thousand and three hundred fifty-five meticais). If completed within the current parliamentary term, which ends in 2019, will accommodate the current president Assembly of the Republic, Veronica Macamo. The amount is contained in the budget of the National Assembly, approved yesterday, worth 1,286,717,186.29 meticais. The issue raised debate by the opposition, especially the parliamentary party Renamo, which means that the value assigned is high. Renamo also demanded to know where the said residence will be built. Second we learned President of the Parliament, the residence will be built on land transferred by TDM in Zimbabwe Avenue.The expense for the construction of the house is eight times larger than the value for the construction of the parliamentary citadel, equipping of the Parliament's facilities and the rehabilitation and equipping of protocol residences in the amount of 10,000,000 meticais for each expense .In summary, the budget will be allocated as follows: for the installation of the new legislature, in particular costs incurred by mandate of the inauguration ceremony, installation allowance and acquisition of vehicles for Members will be 96,873,024.00 meticais spending. The legislative function (air tickets to the coming and return of Members of Parliament, Members' salaries, attendance during the sessions, costs of document production, fuel expenses, working passwords for members Members of the working committees) will consume 421,327,220.00 meticais. For the representative monitoring (air tickets to constituencies, constituency allowance, allowances within and outside the country) the Parliament will spend 173,969,200.00, and to strengthen the institutional capacity will spend 535 618 330 meticais. The total amount that will be spent is 1,286,717,186.29 (one billion, two hundred eighty-six million, seven hundred and seventeen thousand) meticais, of which 1 227,787,774.00 meticais are the internal budget, and 58,929,412.09 meticais are the external component.
The budget of the National Assembly passed with votes of Frelimo. The opposition abstained, citing a lack of clarity in how they want to manage the budget.
The deputy of the Democratic Movement of Mozambique Geraldo Carvalho says his bench abstained because "defends the financial and administrative autonomy from the government." According to Carvalho, the budget of the Assembly not "calls for a closer relationship between citizens and elected to the National Assembly pass a simple rule-making body for the supervisory body, disconnected [the government]."
Renamo, which also chose to abstain, referred to the "funds donated by cooperation partners in the amount of two million Euros", whose fate the budget of the National Assembly does not mention. Renamo also says it failed because it had no answers about the number of protocol houses the Parliament has. Renamo also spoke of the construction of the residence of the President of the Assembly, to be high.
Veronica Macamo, which is to live in your own home, said: "The house we want to build is not for me." Veronica Macamo explained that the house can be to another president and that, even when residing in their own home, is not to charge the amount of income. "If I am given a house, get out. Just do not go out because I was not given any home.
" (A. Mulungo)

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