Thursday, April 16, 2015

"We Cannot Just Give Away The Land To Foreigners"

Mozambique’s Minister of Culture and Tourism this week called for a bigger participation of Mozambican citizens in the exploitation of the country’s tourism potential.Silva Dunduro spoke in Pemba during a working visit, the first one held outside the capital since taking office."We can not just give away the land to foreigners. There should be greater participation of Mozambicans, so that our culture and tourism may reach high levels and international recognition," said Minister of Culture and Tourism, cited by daily O País. During his stay in the provincial capital of Cabo Delgado, Silva Dunduru visited several tourist establishments in the area, interacting with their managers, reports the same source. During his visit, the minister highlighted the role of tour operators in raising Mozambique’s economic and touristic potential, as well as in creating job opportunities. The hospitality industry in Mozambique employs 45,000 workers, a number expected to increase with the opening of several resorts still under construction.O País adds that, besides visiting tourism resorts, Dunduru also went to the main zones of tourist interest (ZIT) around Pemba, having stressed the need for a greater participation of Mozambican in their operation.

In July 2010, the Government of Mozambique approved by its Council of Ministers the creation of ZIT’s (tourist interest zones), covering some areas of Niassa, Cabo Delgado and Nampula rpovinces in northern Mozambique, and Inhambane province in the south, covering an estimated area of over 8.2 hectares.In Cabo Delgado province, the city of Pemba, the East Coast until Murrébuè and also the Bay of Pemba were declared ZIT.In Nampula, the decree considered Zones of Touristic Interest the areas of Namalungo 1 and 2, Mujijivava Crusse in the administrative post of Matibane, Mossuril district, as well as the villages of Lumbo and Sancule in Ilha de Moçambique district. In Niassa province, the ZIT areas are Lichinga city (provincial capital) and Chiuanga (Municipality of Metangula). In Inhambane, the Tourist Interest Zone covers the villages of Chipongo and Mapanzane in the administrative post of Maimelane, Inhassoro.The government's decision to create these areas of tourist interest aimed at "improving the investment climate and business environment in Mozambique, as well as the definition of the development of integrated tourism projects, including their value chain."

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