Friday, April 10, 2015

Garbage collectors have a monthly income of 10,000 meticais

Resultado de imagem para lixeira Hulene maputoA preliminary study presented today by the Municipal Council of Maputo City (CMCM) reveals that more than 200 people living based on the collection of solid waste in the trash can Hulene, outskirts of the Mozambican capital, will be jobless by the end of that which is the largest dump the país.Segundo Gustavo Dgedge, consultant hired by the municipality, the garbage collectors, who receive no later than 10,000 meticais monthly (the equivalent of about 300 dollars) from the sale of waste, believe that with the closure of Hulene trash the city council shall indemnify-los.Por that, in order to avoid future problems that may arise from this idea of ​​garbage collectors, the study recommends that taught several courses to garbage collectors in Maputo.Contudo, Dgedge warns " the collectors devote more than 12 hours the demand for recyclable materials such as plastic, cardboard, glass, metals, among others. Daily collect about five to 20 pounds of waste in that place ".The fact is, somehow, a barrier as the garbage collectors dedicate all the time out of your day to lixeira.De According to the study, the collectors have this activity as the sole basis of support their families. The high rate of unemployment in the country has not given a choice to these people, but pick up trash for later venda.Por this, like other workers from other areas in the country, the collectors take with food to the dustbin (your workplace) and consume it, with many risks. "The pickers do not wear masks during their activity and this contributes to them from contracting various diseases such as tuberculosis, cholera. There is a lot of smoke in the trash Hulene "said Dgedge.O consultant said that" women say when Hulene trash is closed will move to the other. But the men say they will get another base of support. "One of the impacts appearing in the study, with the closure of Hulene of trash, is related to the reduction of crime in Hulene neighborhood, where the collectors are marginalized.
"A garbage collector is a marginal," reads the study.
The source revealed that on-site accidents have occurred, especially pedestrian accidents and falls, at the time that trucks are made to lixeira.Contudo, the study does not have the number of deaths and injuries as a result of accidents in Hulene "we do not have the number of deaths and injuries. But we know that die more men and boys. "" The recyclable waste in its most plastic and paper, is sold to recycling companies, most of them Chinese, "Dgedge said.Speaking at the event, the councilor of health and sanitation, the city of Maputo, Florentino Ferreira, said the closure of the trash can only be here for three years, being hostage to the construction of the landfill in Matlemele neighborhood, city of Matola. It took further steps that the landfill construction works should start at the end of the year in 2013 curso.Desde that is in the process an international tender for the establishment of a dealer for the operation of existing biogas on site and reuse of solid waste for a period 10 anos.Em 2014, the Export-Import Bank of Korea provided a loan of 48,621 million dollars for the construction of landfills in Maputo and Matola.

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