Friday, April 3, 2015

Heritage dangerous

Resultado de imagem para inhambane mapaYesterday (2) the armed forces of Mozambique Defense (FADM) and armed Renamo men returned to confront, this time in Mpfurhi pond, in the region of Nhambondze in administrative Nalazi post, Guija district, in the province of Gaza.No troops were Dhlakama who attacked the positions of the FADM, but were intercepted FADM that Renamo men who left Dindiza in Chigudo towards Caniçado Village, home of Guijá district, 7 km from the Chokwe. When FADM recently stationed in the Administrative Nalazi Desk, learned, that Dhlakama forces would cross the administrative Nalazi station at the north end, about 20 km from the headquarters of the administrative post, were prepared and put him in three trucks to intercept the Renamo men. The Renamo men were found in a pond called Mpfurhi in Nhambondze region). This is a pond that always has water. It is rare dry. And during the war of 16 years was hard fought. Outside the pond are visible signs of war as an IFA brand car, burned.When FADM arrived at the scene at about 13horas, the Renamo men were roasting beef provided by the local population.When FADM arrived, opened fire and Renamo men answered. But the two parties after the cease fire and embarked on a conversation (excellent attitude of both parties) and Renamo men explained what they were doing and were on their way to Maputo. Warned that they would respond if they were provoked. There is talk of 180 armed men. Through which men Renamo ask food to the people and ask for a head of cattle to feed themselves, by submitting a financial proposal of 100 MT (US $ 3). When he heard shots population plunged into the bush and another part was the administrative post billet up.

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