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Military strategy to kill people living in the south

Resultado de imagem para afonso dhlakamaThe thesis that states that the lie has short legs, has again proved last Saturday, when Dhlakama tried in vain to justify the attack carried out on the afternoon of Thursday, its armed men he refused to demobilize, against a position of the Defence and Security Forces stationed in Guija district, in Gaza province, in the south of the country.    In this his attempt to justify this unjustifiable attack and that only proves that it is against peace, Dhlakama told some journalists, such as the WTS, who was forced to move his men these from the center to the south of the country, so that they can escape the siege of which he is being made against them by the Mozambican troops in the central region of the country, where he kept them since he signed on 05 September last year, the Sessação of Hostilities Agreement with the former President, Armando Guebuza.   In fact, this Dhlakama's explanation is an escape forward. Rather, it is a lie of the World size, as already on 05 February this year, Dhlakama announced the speaker, through the same STV and other media of the country, if you have to re-do the war to force the Government to accept its intention to create a New Autonomous Republic in Central and North of the country, would no longer shoot in these regions, but '' there in Maputo '', that is, in the South (of Mozambique).  As you can see, he's moving, rather, to transfer their men from the center to the south, to operationalize its military strategy only kill the southern people, better, living in the south, because now regards as his enemies, and not compatriots living in these six provinces that he is now doing everything being commanded by their foreign employers, to which become part of their New Republic.  So when he says that the move is his men south to escape the siege of the Mozambican army is lying, and who denies not me nor anyone else but himself. Are his words that he spoke to 05 February. That's why I say that Dhlakama title belies Dhlakama!
This proclamation warmongering made by Dhlakama on 05 February this year, so there are already two months, that only attack Maputo, then led me to write the next day, February 6, an article with the title Dhlakama ACABARA` KILLING HER CHILDREN AND RELATIVES AS MEMBERS OF RENAMO, and which was published in several newspapers, including the News.
In this article, warned that Dhlakama in Maputo live up to their own children, like many other people connected to his party, as well as others that were distributed as such six provinces that now says it will be their Provincial Authorities.  For the dear reader know or remember what he said in this article, here transcribe some of its passages: '' When I saw Dhlakama on the night of Thursday (in this case day 02/05/2015) by STV, proclaim, in angry tone, as it befits desperate, that in case of having to move back to another war, to force Frelimo to accept its claim to Republic of Central and Northern, no more disparara` in Gorongosa or Muxungué but , there Maputo, concludes that it is very disoriented fact, as well say, about two months, the journalist Fernando Lima, of Savannah, one of the same STV programs. As far as I could perceive me this erroneous logic of Dhlakama to announce that this time only disparara` in Maputo, intended it to convey the message that would just kill the people of the South, and that, within this logic to all its lights reprehensible, would be to kill only and so only the southern natives he labels tribalisticamente of machanganas, which he will now be foreigners who do not raise any feeling of pity or humanism.I came to this conclusion on the basis of one of the Dhlakama own statements, and the WTS highlighted in repetition during the morning of Friday, that for them (down south) do not say we are killing us among the same ( here the Centre and North), this time not Shoot Gorongosa, but there Maputo ''. This Dhlakama's view that there is the South and the only (such) Central and Northern now he wants to proclaim himself its president, like a King of feudal times, reveals that he suffers from a great utopia of the real composition the Mozambican people in each of the 11 provinces that make up our parents. It is the most irrefutable proof that he is in fact very disoriented. Interestingly, when I was watching Dhlakama say these nonsense by STV, was with me a 14 year old child to hear these warmongers their threats, I would say very concerned that he will kill here in Maputo their own children, relatives, friends and to many of the members and supporters of their own Renamo who also live here in Maputo, where he now threatens to sprinkle with bullets without cause. In fact, this child has unlocked a great truth, because at least I know that some of the children of Dhlakama, as one who is his Chara and is called by more diminutive Afonsinho, live here in Maputo along with their mother, Dona Rosalia, how they live and work here, many of his relatives, as his niece, Ivone Soares, and that is one of the deputies elected by Renamo in recent elections won by Frelimo and by Eng. Philip Nyusi, just living here his nephew and political, Yacub Sibindi, they live here many members of his party, especially its spokesman, Antonio Muchanga, his former spokesman, Fernando Mazanga, both changanas in tribal terms, and that only therefore, the killing can too, and many, many others who do not fit in this list, not to mention hundreds of thousands of natural or descendants of these six provinces he says Pharaoh part of its Autonomous Republic that had been only intention, and it could kill them here in Maputo, if the trigger on this our capital. Is that in Maputo Mozambicans living of all existing tribes in the 11 provinces of our country, just as there Mozambicans coming from Maputo living in all other provinces of our country, including the six that he says are his, just because there was a little more than half of its residents, who voted for him. ''


With this attack, he not only violated the military have such an agreement it signed with Guebuza to 05 September, as once again revealed that only loves war and not peace, because there is no reason to justify that it is the group of the new his armed men and, worse than that, do attacks. This clearly shows that maintains its warmongering agenda that led him to settle for three years in Santungira, and as much as I gather time to military sources within the Renamo who are against this your warmongering, expected to train 4,000 men there that would distribute then equally by the 10 provinces of the country, to trigger a wave of terrorism. Its purpose then was to prevent the holding of general elections that now took place on 15 October, and which were won by Frelimo and its candidate then, Eng. Philip Nyusi, now at the helm of the Mozambican state.With this attack, Dhlakama wants to show that it can make a new war and compress the bench Frelimo not stopping its Draft Provincial Authorities, which is a metamorphosis of this its Autonomous Province of Central and North Country.


At the time Dhlakama was ordered killings in Muxungue region in Sofala, got to compare it to the leaders of Boko Harams that indiscriminately kill in Nigeria, and Al Chababes, Somalia, and which often have also killed innocent in neighboring countries, as they have just star in this last weekend weekend, in which cruelly killed by about 150 people in Kenya.I know that anti truths will say I'm doing an unreasonable comparison, but they would like to ask the same if they see reason to justify this warmongering Dhlakama? Prior said it is to punish Guebuza of arrogance, but now there is consensus that Nyusi is of a humility and simplicity to take his hat. But still Dhakama is move it a war, just as moved against Samora, Chissano and Guebuza.For me, I think that it is for Mozambicans, is taking the time for good, that Dhlakama is an enemy of Mozambique and Mozambique, as it acts as those of certain Roman Cicero's time, who had become enemies of Rome, and who saw combat them by all means, as Nigerians and Somalis are fighting the Boko Harams and Al-shabaabs. There is no alternative, because as well says the renowned American expert in war affairs, Robert Greene, the problem that in humans is that we are so we are born we are trained and prepared for peace, and we are not so some prepared for what we confrontas in the real world - war.He underlines the fact that this war exists at different levels, and that, therefore, we have to be more than ever prepared to defend ourselves. If it had not been, we would not be independent today. It took in the 60s we envisage to this reality of war was brought to us by colonialism, and begin to fight. We did the same against racist regimes in the region that have created this very same Renamo.Eu love peace and hate both warmongering.To begin, we have to show Dhlakama our full repudiation of this your warmongering, as did this last weekend weekend Kenyans, who took to the mass street protest against that slaughter. We can not choose silence as we have done so far. To this end, our press, public and private, should condemn Dhlakama and never exalt his warmongering.Those who extol, encourage it and this is very bad. Future generations will not build statues on the graves of those journalists and others who exalt him. We have to remember that and / or know that war is so ma for all of us, and is only good for that use Dhlakama order to divide us and so seize up our resources as if seized of the Iraq and Libya, only to name some of the countries that have left so they split to reign.(Gustavo Mavie in AIM)

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