Thursday, April 30, 2015

Kenmare Resources moves South African workers back to Moma mine

clubofmozambiqueKenmare Resources PLC on Tuesday said South African workers at its Moma Mine in Mozambique have returned to the site having been repatriated last week amid unrest in South Africa over foreign workers.Kenmare said there was minimal disruption to operations at the mine and said the employees have now been welcomed back by the local community traditional leader.On Monday last week, Kenmare temporarily repatriated South African workers at Moma amid unrest in South Africa regarding foreign workers, which created a reciprocal unrest concerning South Africans working in Mozambique.At the time of the decision to repatriate the workers, at least six people had been killed in xenophobic attacks in Durban, on South Africa's east coast, with the violence then spreading to further areas. Many South Africans had accused migrants, primarily from other African states and Asia, of taking jobs in the country amid an unemployment rate of 24%. Migrants have moved to the country in large numbers since the end of white-minority rule in 1994.Shares in Kenmare were down 2.4% to 3.08 pence on Tuesday.

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