Tuesday, April 28, 2015

A disgusting budget: the AR and its drift spender

I scoffed parliament saying his budget for 2015 was a disgusting thing. In fact, when I read the play of Paul Fauvet with those figures deliberately presented in aggregate lines (contrary to previous practice where the items were more detailed), I suffered as Zen. And to get back, I imagined a toilet. Brand Toto. Japanese. For what? Imagine all the people of that house being pushed to the bottom of the vessel by a malicious torrent. It would be a relief, but that so eh possible in my elocubracao fictional.
And this foul odor surrounds perennial. For 2015, the RA programmed 38 million USD for you own. He did this before even discussing the atrasadissimo Estimate the state. 38 million USD !!! When I noticed the numbers, I expected also see the roster of a proposal for legislative and supervisory work to justify this amount. But glimpsed only blessings for Members. 38 million USD correspond to an increase of 35.5 percent compared to its budget of 2014. And eh money that turns the state budget that this help in the foreign debt, although part of RA funds (59 million Meticais ) will be paid for their donors.
My friend Paul Fauvet did the math. This annual budget, 323.3 million people to go to salaries of Members, a media 108,000 MT ($ 3,223) per month per Member. In this way, eh an increase of 21.75 percent over the same 2014 budget of line.
But ... the foul odor exudes even more when we read that the AR approved 77.5 million MT for subsidies of instalaccao, with expenses for entertainment, fuel, telephone, water, electricity, presence of passwords and work in constituencies. That's us, calculated Paul, 221,000 Mt per month per deputy. And the rubric of capital for 2015 comes to almost 170 million Mts, of which 90 million people to go to the new residence of construction for the President of RA, Veronica Macamo (then already alienearam the palace of Armando Tivane? Or as Mulembwe walked the drag yourself out of it that already does not serve? And builds up another palace to also be alienated after the Macamo, since in Mozambique the state of heritage is being taken by these political elites who are its owners).
And then have that can of wanting to build a parliamentary citadel in Catembe. I hope that this budget should be reviewed immediately. Also hope that civil society protested against knife perks anything to at least report this shame. A shame fed for most of the benches, with MDM to say that this budget continued to make AR a government department, when the AR approved the document even before she discuss the OE. This fight against profligacy in Mozambique and there is a song bafienta.Quando the state budget uses more credit markets, our AR increases your expenses perks. And not understand why their donors feed these tendencies, this snare of non-productivity, profligacy and corruption that characterizes our AR.

PS: Yesterday (27) Maleiane Minister, not convinced as to the external debt to feed the OE. I hope in the specialty debate clarify many things.
(Marcelo Mosse)

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