Monday, April 13, 2015

CAF, a mafia organization!!!

Resultado de imagem para sub 23 maputoThe National Under-23 category was eliminated from football XI African Games of Congo-Brazzaville Team, planned for the next September, losing yesterday before his counterpart from Ghana, 2-0, in the second game " hand "of the last round of access to African Olympiad. The elimination of John Chissano team, which in Maputo had won 1-0, had the connivance of the Confederation of African Football (CAF), as the arbiter of Burkina Faso indicated for the game turned a blind eye to three clear situations Penalty shoot in favor of Mambinhas. It was necessary to have a performance of one of the representatives of the "mafia" CAF for the game yesterday in Tamale, between the national teams of Ghana and Mozambique, for Mambinhas be eliminated from the race to the XI Africanos.O Games referee burquinabe Juste Ehrem , appointed by the governing body of African football did what surely mafia raging in Cairo wanted, namely the classification of the strongest team for the All Africa Games, whatever it was, even if it were necessary to steal the view of all .The judge the game turned a blind eye to three clear bid a penalty in favor of Mozambique, the second of which clamorous, in which Louis took the ball to the hand of a defense of Ghana, but without the bid was interrupted for John Chissano team benefit from máximo.Antes punishment and after three flights that damaged Mozambicans, right and the national Olympic team at any time lost stance, appearing in a dignified manner on the ground of the current holder of the Gold Medal in African Games four years ago, in Maputo.

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