Friday, April 17, 2015

South African mines abandoned Tete

Several South African nationality of workers 
working in various coal mining projects in Tete, began to leave this province, fearing any retaliation by the Mozambican workers. The most visible case was the company "Kentz Engineering", which is responsible for the assembly and maintenance of transport machinery and coal processing. According to a source Labour Inspectors, are working in this business more than two thousand South Africans.The direction of "Kentz" for security reasons and for fear the worst, had requested police protection in their premises and in several camps where South African workers live.
The request was accepted by the Police of the Republic of Mozambique, which manned the camp with a workforce of Rapid Intervention Unit. But the reviews on xenophobia and on the South African workers took the company account and settled panic.On Thursday, the company froze the activities and chartered two Boeing-737 aircraft to evacuate all personnel to the Republic of South Africa, specifically bound for Johannesburg. The first flight departed from Tete to 9h20m, carrying 235 workers. The second aircraft departed from Tete to 16h45m, carrying 198 workers, with the same fate.The PRM had to mobilize several vehicles and staff and make columns from the camp of "Kentz" to the Chingodzi airport.

Airlink makes available two more flights
Resultado de imagem para air linkThe South African air transport company secured two more Boeing aircraft, today, Friday, that all companies with South African workers, if you will, to evacuate them. "Usually we had one flight per day from Monday to Friday. But today we received an extra flight. I am informed that tomorrow we will receive two to three flights because of this emergency situation. We are the only provider here in Tete, to connect South Africa to Tete, "said a company manager to" Canalmoz ".

"VALE" paralyzed
With the scenario becoming worrying, and stirring taking place in the coal mine "VALE" where these South Africans work, several workers, in solidarity with their colleagues and even friends, refused to enter the mine and work. Operations were suspended all day Thursday.

Mozambican workers promise not to retaliate
"Our culture is not violence. We respect human life. Vex South Africans here does not solve the problem, "said Armindo Thomas, worker" Kentz ".

Economic consequences for hotels and restaurants
With Tete departure of several entrepreneurs, the economic consequences for the hotel and restaurant companies are in sight. Restaurants and hotels frequented by foreigners in Tete were empty. (J.Pantie in Tete)

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