Friday, April 24, 2015

Provincial authorities should be seen as real political

The dialogue MEDIATOR between the government and Renamo, the Rosary Lourenço, considered yesterday in Maputo, that the bill produced by the political formation of the opposition on the creation of provincial authorities is weak and untenable."The document that Renamo has in Parliament is not defensible, is a weak document, has no substance to win," Lawrence said of the Rosary, Rector of the Polytechnic University, told Lusa agency. "There has to be contributions and it takes this role of the President (Filipe) Nyusi to convince (Afonso) Dhlakama that, yes sir, the document is there, but we will help and we will together build another document on decentralization in the country, and say 'this document is useless and we CHUMBA it', think it not, "defended the academic. For the Rosary Lorenzo the Project Institutional Framework of the Provincial Authorities submitted by the Mozambican National Resistance (Renamo) should be seen by the Mozambican society as a real political issue and not merely constitutional."One should not consider the project that Renamo introduced in Parliament as a purely constitutional problem. Not a problem of legality, is a real political problem, which can bring us the first time, to a great forum for debate on national land use planning, "said Rosario, pointing out that" no one questions the national unity, but land use planning. " 
According to the member of the mediation team dialogue between the government and Renamo, the country is experiencing a period of uncertainty, since Frelimo is a transitional phase in terms of leadership, with the rise of Philip Nyusi presidential party."There are thoughts discontinued between the idea of ​​conflict resolution that President Nyusi may have and the prevailing view of most people who are in the party machine and the people who belongs to the Policy and the Frelimo parliamentary group can not change a moment to the next, "said the Rosary Lawrence.About the negotiation process under way between the government and the main opposition party, the mediator believes that the outstanding points should be subjected to a thorough debate to other sectors of Mozambican society, taking into account that are concerns across the country.
"It's not just my opinion, it is the opinion of the five [mediators] who are there. We think this model [dialog] has elapsed, because what is lacking in the dialogue agenda is something that concerns the whole Mozambican society, "the Rosary Lourenço said, referring to the despartidarização of the state and economic inclusion.Also according to Lusa, the academic defended the importance of the President and the leader of Renamo return to meet to unblock the situation that prevails in negotiations between the parties.
Renamo submitted to Parliament the draft of the Institutional Framework of the Provincial Authorities, which calls for the formation of provincial governments by the movement in the six provinces in the center and north of the country where it won the general elections on 15 October.The Renamo leader warned several times waiting for the approval of the document by the majority Frelimo, failing to seize power by force.

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