Tuesday, April 21, 2015

No, this king does not know!

There IS a called king of the Zulus in South Africa that the history of his country and the region certainly knows nothing!
Resultado de imagem para Goodwill ZwelithiniThis king did not know, including who the people in the region who were attacked, looted and massacred by hordes of invaders coming from their own country, in the surf of the bloody Nfekani the fall of the Zulu Empire! No, this king does not know! Do not know where they went, in Nfekani, the warring armies and weed Soshangane / Manicusse; do not know! Do not know, certainly, from whence came the Nguni who occupied and dominated the native peoples of Mozambique, Púnguè the Incomati! Do not know, so the family line Muzila and his grandson, Ngungunhani! This king knows nothing!
Do not know this king who the people of this region, with almost slave labor, built over centuries all that wealth of their country, tinged with blood and black with sweat, do not you!
Resultado de imagem para Goodwill ZwelithiniNo, this king does not know! Do not know, certainly, of the horrors coming monsters of their country, with names like Krugger, Botha, Mallan, etc., practiced over years on end on the peaceful people of this vast southern African region, always bent to serve, always bent to thank! No, this king does not know anything!
This king did not know, of course, that there is a people in this region who paid with his life of its own president, the release of South African sister nation and, consequently, the release of himself, the king! No, that none of this king know!
Does not know, this king, whence comes considerable part of the electrical energy that powers the miners and industrial complex of its the KwaZulu-Natal areas, including the capital, Durban or Johannesburg, etc. No, this king does not know! Much less does he know where it comes from the gas that keeps assets thousands of luxury resorts of KwaZulu-Natal, Johannesburg, Mpumalanga ... hot water in hotels, sophisticated kitchens ... no, he does not know!
Resultado de imagem para Goodwill ZwelithiniWho will know then this king? Does he know how many South African citizens demand, every day, to our land, and here received from hospitable and friendly manner, sometimes for lucrative business, sometimes for pleasure and leisure? No, he does not know!
Who knows, then, the king of the Zulus such? Very little. Very little: what this king knows is that South Africa is an island, espectada in the middle of a distant ocean rest of the world and that KwaZulu-Natal is only his navel! And this little island espectada a distant ocean rest of the world was, from day to night, invaded by hordes of stinking aliens, which therefore, deserve only a single treatment: the expulsion kicking and iron and fire, failing Slaughter and lynching!
I'm sorry Goodwill Zwelithini, the king of the Zulus as in South Africa!
(Journalist Tomas Vieira Mario)

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