Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Danger: South Africa military danger to Mozambique

The rector of the Mozambican higher Institute of Science and Technology Alberto Chipande, (ISCTAC), Rizuane Mubarak said that the wave of xenophobia in neighboring South Africa can be a warning to the Government of Mozambique put hands on their hearts, so that think the safety of citizens.But this security, according to Mubarak, quoted today by "Diary of Mozambique", means securing military equipment because Mozambique can be at the long or medium term, the victim of "South Africa, considering that Maputo, the capital, is near the land of the country.Moreover, said the son Zuma (President Jacob Zuma) is a great danger to the Mozambican nation, if one day become leader of South Africa because his speech carried hatred of foreigners staying in the country."If the son of President Zuma spoke out against foreign RSA (Republic of South Africa), I hope this is a warning. 
Resultado de imagem para mapa moçambique africa do sulBecause this citizen when tomorrow becoming the President of South Africa, will become the enemy of the Mozambican people. In the medium to long term, we expect that there is a conflict between the Mozambican and South African people, "says Rizuane Mubarak.According to him, "the Republic of Mozambique to break the taboo and start acquiring deterrent equipment because the next enemy is the South African Government. If today does not equip the Republic of Mozambique, the medium or long term, we can have the RAS invasion. "Mubarak praised the Mozambican government's action style to move teams to RAS. On the other hand, according to the newspaper also said constantly "I am worried about what will happen tomorrow. Why could exceed limits that we can not control the situation. " He also stressed that peace within the Mozambican is also a deterrent weapon against xenophobia.The wave of xenophobic violence in South Africa, which had its epicenter in the city of Durban, has forced thousands of Mozambicans to take refuge in three centers, and some preferred hundreds return to Mozambique. Three Mozambicans were killed by South African xenophobic.

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