Thursday, April 30, 2015

State Budget 2015: Mozambique to finance 25% of public spending through external

The Mozambican government will this year finance 25% of government expenditure through external resources, of which 15.9% will be through credit, according to the Draft Law of the State Budget (OGE, Orçamento Geral do Estado) submitted by the Executive to Parliament on Friday, April 24, Lusa reports.
In the document, the Mozambican government indicates a reduction of 6.8% on the external donations to the State Budget, a 3.0% increase in the External Credit and a rise of 3.7% in Domestic Credit.
clubofmozambiqueThe proposal of the Government supports that the State expenditure will be around six billion euros, a sum already reported by Mozambican media, estimating the budget deficit at 1.7 billion euros, an amount equivalent to 11.1% of the GDP (Gross Domestic Product).The balance map of the Mozambican State Budget 2015 reportedly shows that 75% of government expenditure will be financed by internal resources, of which 4.1 billion euros will come from state revenues, 239 million euros from domestic credit.Public spending in the economic and social sectors will rise 10.8% to 3.2 billion euros, or equivalent to 63.5% of the state's total expenditure, compared with 52.7% in 2014.The weight of the Education sector on State expenditure will increase from 19.8% to 22.8% of the State Budget, an increase of 3.0%. The Health sector will increase from 9.1% to 10.2%, an increase of 1.1%.The Infrastructure sector will have its budget increased by 3.7%, from 12.1% to 15.8%. Agriculture and Rural Development will increase 2.9%, from 6.6% last year to 9.1% in 2015.According to the State Budget, 40.9% of the expenditure will be allocated to the Development of Human and Social Capital; 23.4% go to the Development of Economic and Social Infrastructure, 18% to the Consolidation of Democratic Rule of Law, Good Governance and Decentralization; and 13.6% are to be allocated to the Sustainable and Transparent Management of Natural, Resources, pointing out that these components are among the pillars of the Government's Five-Year Plan.The Mozambican government maintains a forecast of economic growth of 7.5% and also a forecast of an average inflation rate of 5.1%. These forecasts oppose the international projections which indicate that the rise in the gross domestic product of Mozambique will be below 7.0% due to the effects of natural disasters and the continuous fall in the prices of the main raw materials.

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Thank you for this information. How does one get hold of a soft copy of the budget. I have tried the Gov portals and no luck.

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