Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Renamo threat, population flees

Resultado de imagem para aldeias queimadasPeasants Tsangano district in the central province of Tete, justify their low participation of the current campaign claiming that the leader's speech Renamo, Afonso Dhlakama, which indicates the possibility of return to war and the movement of armed men away from them of fields. The farmers warn of the risk of a food crisis due to low participation of people in the current campaign, a situation that may be aggravated by the constant movement of people looking for the safest areas in the near future if the Renamo men are not disarmed . "We are insecure and many of us prefer not to go to farm, stay home, because we fear come across the Renamo men who have burned homes and kidnapped some community leaders in the town of Chibaene," said a peasant, quoted in editing Today the newspaper "Noticias" .Aland a rally driven by the governor of Tete, Paul Auade, popular said the Renamo men, in addition to seize unduly food products from the farmers also surripiam money and appliances, mainly audio equipment, in the communities where passam.Segundo popular at its recent visit to Tsengo, Renamo leader threatened to "banish" the administrator and members of the district government, and take powder.Estas threats, according to the source, forcing the population to consider the possibility to leave the region and take refuge in neighboring Malawi, similar to what happened in the war of destabilization of the 16 years in which the area's many villagers spent most of his life in that neighboring country. "The permanent movement armed Renamo men in the district towns signals preparations for the eventual return to war, "disseram.O Governor Paul Auade reassured citizens present stating that the central government is working to bring a lasting peace to the country, with a view to rapid development national economic partner.
Resultado de imagem para mapa TETE"Do not be afraid, these threats (Dhlakama and his party) will one day end. Continue to work in your fields. Moved at will and always seek as far as possible be familiar with the visits climbing your communities, "called the governance.Devoid return threats the war the governor of Gaza province, Stella Pinto Zeca worked Friday in the villages of Maimane and Nhamboze in the administrative post of Nalaze in Guijá district, where called on about 50 families there refugees to return to their communities, because finally have restored peace and tranquility in zone.Os villagers fled their homes following the attacks perpetrated by armed Renamo men for positions of Mozambique Armed Defense Forces (FADM) stationed in local.Segundo Stella Zeca, after restarting the peace, the government will take over and fulfill their obligations to ensure the necessary conditions for peasants can quickly resume your normal activities, including agricultural and livestock production. "When the population is in a situation of insecurity, we have to ensure their safety and protection so that it can work in a serene environment and quiet, without any disturbance, "said the governor of Gaza.Cerca 300 children administrative post of Nalaze were forced to leave school because of the presence of armed men Renamo zone.Na occasion, Stella Pinto Zeca said to have gone to Guijá to study with local authorities the best ways to ensure the voluntary return, however, organized the displaced population, so you can gradually resume their activities in their places of origin.

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