Friday, April 10, 2015

Simplification methods migratory

The Mozambican and Zimbabwean government officals aim to simplify border procedures Machipanda, to Facilitate access to medical care and education for Populations living in the region. To que end, the Governments of the two provinces fronteiriças- Manica (central Mozambique) and Manicaland (Zimbabwe) - idealize common plan que can make such feasible initiative, Which Arises from the need to Ensure adequate assistance to the two peoples through public infrastructure health and education infrastructures established in the vicinity of the border landmarks Machipanda, Which are Relatively easy to Achieve. The purpose of this plan, According to today writes the "Diary of Mozambique", the Minister of State for Affairs of Zimbabwe Manicaland Province, Mandi Chimene, was received on Thursday, in Chimoio, Manica province of the governor, Alberto Mondlane, and the two rulers overlooking the need for simplification of bureaucratic action on the border between the two countries, for matters Relating to medical care and access to education, by the resident population near the border line in Machipanda.Alberto Mondlane Considered que this is another initiative where the welfare of the population perspective Both Within the country, as in que neighboring country, with Which Mozambique shares a land border line length of about 500 kilometers.

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