Friday, April 10, 2015

Image on facebook said police suspension

Resultado de imagem para polician transito maputoStaff of Mozambique’s Administrative Tribunal, the body that oversees the legality of public expenditure, are now repaying allowances which they improperly received in 2012, according to the Central Office for the Fight against Corruption (GCCC). GCCC spokesperson, B
ernardo Duce, speaking at his monthly Maputo press conference, announced the repayments on Wednesday, but did not refer to the total amount involved. Nor did he mention the names and positions of those who took advantage of the allowances.“We are not going to say how much this money is nor who and how many people were involved”, said Duce.His secrecy was to no avail, since the Mozambican press had already covered this scandal in 2014, revealing that the sum concerned was about 170,000 meticais (4,970 US dollars, at current exchange rates) and that among those involved was the presiding judge of the tribunal, Machatine Munguambe.Although he described the allowances as “illegal”, Duce said that no crime had been committed. In its investigations, the GCCC had discovered that the money had been paid to Tribunal staff for “extraordinary activities” which did not form part of their day-to-day work. The money was now being repaid through deposits in the account of the National Treasury Directorate.At a parliamentary hearing in 2014, on the alleged mismanagement of the Tribunal’s funds. Munguambe admitted to members of the parliamentary commission on constitutional and legal affairs, that he made “a mistake” by approving the allowances.Duce also announced that a policeman who was filmed extorting money from a motorist late last year has been identified and suspended from duty. The video of the extortion circulated on social media, and the man was identified as a traffic policeman in the Maputo Provincial Police Command. Criminal and disciplinary proceedings against him are now under way. Duce also told reporters that a member of the Criminal Investigation Police (PIC) is being charged with extortion, after being caught red-handed. In this case, a young man was accused of theft – but the woman who had been robbed said that he was not among those involved, and so he was released. Nonetheless, the PIC officer involved went to the man’s father and demanded 5,000 meticais, alleging that there were “other procedures” that had to be followed. The father said he did not have all the money available and paid just half, arranging a time and place for the PIC agent to collect the rest. But when he turned up, the GCCC investigators were waiting and arrested him.

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